Beautiful, faux hanging baskets for pubs

Specifically designed for the UK pub and hotel industries. Our faux hanging baskets are the perfect low maintenance scheme, with reduced costs and guaranteed colour.

Incredibly life-like blooms

As we come from a gardening perspective, the biggest and most important point was to keep the baskets as we would plant a natural basket.

We have only used faux plants species which we would plant in our natural baskets, colour, size even down to the same basket and liners.

Our suggested time scale runs exactly with our natural baskets change over.

Autumn – winter – warm autumnal colours, our gold crest conifer with cyclamen in reds, pinks and whites with the ivy’s naturally darker shades as in winter.

Winter – spring – three different daffodil species with pansy and violas, the ivy’s showing lighter spring colours.

Position our hanging baskets anywhere

Natural hanging baskets are notoriously difficult  to keep them at their best given the UK weather etc , our Faux baskets will give the display you require irrespective of location.

Cost and confidence

We have not compromised on the quality of the baskets, We have sourced the best products we could find, the cost  benefits  with this scheme is the reduced visits, only two in a eight month period, no call outs for dead plants etc, if there is any issue it will be dealt with at no charge,

This gives a fixed price maintenance period.

Key Points
Guaranteed beautiful hanging baskets
Correct blooms for the season
Fixed price service
Free “Call Out” Service
October to January Basket
January to May Basket

Complete Hanging Baskets

Individual Blooms and Components